Mister Greenzzly Trademark

Sabine is 33 years old and has a father, a brother, a husband and two littles boys. She is a designer and pattern-maker. During 10 years, she draw and travelled the world for different lingerie brands, when during a travel in China, bamboo viscose was presented to her : an ecological fabric, scentless, anti-perspiration and really soft. Sabine fell in love with this fabric still very unknown.

Only listening to her heart, her environmental conscious and the voice of the men surrounding her, asking for a boxer with true support and comfort for all morphologies, Sabine imagined this underwear. It combines support, comfort and ecology, but also style and humour.


The brand Mister Greenzzly was born.

Made by engagement

The engagement of Mr. Greenzzly translates from the desire of :

  • Offering truly innovative underwear, thanks to a design thought for sportsmen and dadbod ( combination of the words daddy and body, meaning men who have a belly…and assume it)
  • Manufacturing products while respecting the environment, the resources and the consumer.

Our adventure is also yours. We act with ethical values and transparency.

Because Bamboo [renvoi sur la page Bambou]  grows in China.

Because the bamboo used derives from reforested plantations.

Because the method permitting the obtention of this fiber is patented Tanboocel.

Because the viscose obtained is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100

… Mister Greenzzly took the decision of manufacturing it’s collection on site.

Your parcels are then shipped from France.

A green bear rather than a pink panda ?


If Mister Greenzzly flourishes from the character traits of a bear, it’s obviously for it’s referral to nature but also to a fantasy that combines goodness, protection and wild strength. The Mr. Greenzzly boxer was developed for all these men who embrace life to the fullest : active and epicurean. Add to it, that with a Mama bear there is always a Daddy bear, you know all about this creation!


Created by PALACO

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